Facial massages are not that common, but I think almost all of you enjoy a good massage and combine it with relaxation, time out and “self-treatment”. So does your face! I would like to explain to you that the most important steps and maneuvers for an effective facial massage are very simple and yet so effective. Because when used regularly and correctly, it brings more than just a few minutes of relaxation. And just like in the body, blood circulation is stimulated. This in turn has a positive effect on cell renewal and a pretty pink complexion.



The facial muscles, also called facial muscles, include 26 muscles. In addition, there are the muscles of the neck, neck and décolleté. Unlike those on the body, these muscles are directly connected to the skin and thus control our facial expressions. They determine the contractions of our muscle tissue, for example through the position and depth of our expression lines.

Everyone knows the smile lines, known as sunrays around the eyes, or the so-called thinker's or anger lines. Stress causes our muscles in the face and body to tense, causing us to clench our teeth or frown. These hardenings in the muscle tissue cause the wrinkles. The effective daily facial massage relaxes the muscles and reduces the tension on the skin. This alone has an enormous smoothing effect!


A good and active facial massage increases blood circulation in the skin down to the smallest blood vessels and accelerates the metabolism of our skin cells. The lymph flow, i.e. the fluid that is between our cells, is also activated. This means that after a properly performed facial massage, the skin looks fresh, rosy, activated and refreshed.

  • The skin is better supplied with active ingredients thanks to the activated microcirculation. It is therefore worth using a valuable oil for massage, the ingredients of which can penetrate deep into the skin.
  • Slag substances are increasingly removed from the skin via the lymph. This means that a daily facial massage is an excellent detox for the skin!
  • Puffiness around the eyes disappears, resulting in a fresh, awake appearance - ideal for a massage in the morning!


A massage carried out with mindfulness is definitely relaxing! The facial nerves immediately send impulses to our brain and we automatically relax. And since the skin can be described as a mirror of the soul, this is immediately visible. In addition, the beautiful scent of a good massage oil influences the limbic system in the brain and our feelings. Therefore, the right scent of the massage product is extremely important!


Dry and mature skin is nourished, stimulated and activated, the tone, i.e. the elasticity, is strengthened. Sensitive skin is soothed and relaxed with gentle stroking movements. Oily and impure skin is purified and impurities heal faster and more delicately. Conclusion: A good facial massage is extremely effective, it's all about the right technique! If it is carried out daily, the first results will be visible after a few days: more beautiful, cleaner, smoother and firmer skin!


A simple and effective facial massage can be done in 2 minutes. If you enjoy it, you can of course massage for longer – all the better! It is recommended to do a few movements, but do them well and more often (i.e. H 5 – 10 times, at a relaxed pace).

Effleuragen – which means something like stroking all over the face. Gentle stroking in the direction of flow of blood and lymph activates our skin functions. It is important to paint from the inside out. A distinction is made here between three tracks. Place all fingers on the chin and stroke the edge of the jaw from the chin to the ears. Stroke the cheek area outward with the entire palm of your hand. Stroke your forehead upwards and outwards with your fingertips.

  1. Gentle circular kneading of the face: Stimulation of the skin and the underlying muscles with the fingertips. Gentle upward and outward pressure is very important when massaging your face!
  2. Massage the cheek area outwards in small circles: From the chin to the earlobes. Then from the corners of the mouth to the earlobes. Gently massage the chewing muscles of the cheeks in circular motions and circle the wings of the nose all the way to the cheekbone, temples and forehead.
  3. Gentle massage strokes around the eyes: First ensure relaxation by stimulating energy points and then gently circle the eyes with both index fingers. Then from the outer corners under the eyes without pressure to the inner corners and under the brow bone with light pressure back to the outer corners of the eyes. This has a decongestant and very relaxing effect. Use your index finger to stroke the glabellar fold, colloquially known as the “frown wrinkle,” between the eyebrows upwards and circle it in a clockwise direction.


A loving facial massage is good in the morning and evening. In the morning you can start the day straight away with a fresh complexion. In the evening, however, the skin and muscles that are tense from the day can relax ideally. This leads to better skin regeneration overnight!

  • Make sure you move gently
  • Clean the skin thoroughly before the massage
  • Only use massage oils with natural ingredients, e.g. b Almond oil, sesame oil or sunflower oil. (These are rich in antioxidants and nourish and revitalize the skin)
  • Massage the neck in upward movements
  • A serum or an ampoule applied under the massage oil penetrates deeper into the skin
  • After the massage, the skin is happy about a nourishing mask; it is absorbed better
  • Enjoy the scent of the oil by breathing deeply and consciously, which increases the relaxing effect

At the beginning of the massages, impurities may occur after a few days. That's a good sign though! The skin begins to excrete waste products. So definitely keep going!