Even in her early childhood, Judith Springer had a very special sense of smell and this fact ensured that the health-conscious nutrition expert started looking for a deodorant that appealed to her sense of smell and suited her conscious lifestyle. When it turned out that there was no such deodorant on the market, she developed her own product. FINE organic & vegan deodorants contain ingredients such as cocoa and shea butter, coconut oil and lemongrass which help the deodorant feel good on the skin. The products are also free of preservatives and contain no artificial colors.
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    A very special concept that works: Fine

    The secret of Fine are the selected ingredients, which prevent annoying body odors from forming in the first place and also care for sensitive skin. The application of the products is also interesting. They are delivered in a tin, which is accompanied by a recyclable bag made of organic cotton and a lovingly crafted wooden spatula. To apply, use either the spatula or your finger. So take some of the product from the bottle and carefully apply it to your armpit. Let it absorb and a fragrant day begins with Fine.

    A big advantage of Fine Deodorant and Fine Deodorant Cream is that it is pure, organic and free of aluminum salts .

    Fine Deodorant smells great. If necessary, it is also possible to combine the smell with a perfume of your choice.

    The scent of the deodorant is suitable for both men and women . It is a fantastic unisex fragrance.

    Judith Springer has also come up with something when it comes to optics, so that the little jars really look great and look incredibly beautiful in your bathroom.

    Fine: What does “Fine” stand for?

    Translated from Italian usage, the word “Fine” means the end. For Judith Springer, this means the end of her search for a reliable deodorant and of course the end of unpleasant body odors, because with Fine Deodorant you smell simply wonderful. However, “Fine” also means “beautiful” or “great” in English, so this also describes the entire brand concept.

    You can buy the various Fine products in the Veralice online shop

    Veralice is one of the shops where you can buy organic & vegan deodorants from Fine. Discover our product range and let us advise you if you need a fine deodorant review from our skin care experts.

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