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It's not just your facial skin that needs a targeted beauty routine that is tailored to your skin's individual needs. Your body also needs cleaning and care products that are appropriate for your skin type in order to stay healthy and supple. After all, the skin is our largest organ, which is why it should receive a lot of attention.
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    An optimal supply of moisture is essential for beautiful and healthy skin. Moisture helps ensure that the skin's protective barrier is not attacked. It also ensures that the skin remains supple and smooth. Irritations and dry areas don't stand a chance if your skin is sufficiently moisturized. Unfortunately, there are numerous factors that deprive the skin of a lot of moisture throughout the day. This includes both daily cleansing of the skin and too often used body peeling. Always remember to ensure that the water temperature is comfortable, as a shower that is too hot dries out the skin. Moisturizing therefore begins with cleansing. It's best to use a moisturizing shower gel, which has a nourishing effect on your skin as soon as you clean it. After the shower or bath, provide an intensive supply of moisture in the form of care cream, lotion or milk. Treat yourself to a little massage to stimulate blood circulation.

    Tip: The need for moisture varies greatly from skin type to skin type. Too little or too much moisture can be harmful, which is why it is always important to have your skin type determined beforehand.

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