It's not just your facial skin that needs a targeted beauty routine that is tailored to your skin's individual needs. Your body also needs cleaning and care products that are appropriate for your skin type in order to stay healthy and supple. After all, the skin is our largest organ, which is why it should receive a lot of attention.
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    A sun-kissed complexion is the prettiest look you can pull off in summer. If you long for a healthy summer complexion all year round, natural tanning products may be helpful. Self-tanners are usually available in liquid or cream textures. The advantage is that they give the skin a tan without any harmful UV radiation. There is the classic tanning cream as well as lotion, gel, spray and foam. The products are usually available in various tanning levels so that you can decide how dark you want your complexion to be. For example, products that are plant-based and natural are recommended. They also usually have a nourishing effect so that your skin doesn't dry out. For this reason, it makes sense to also make sure that the self-tanner is moisturizing. It is important that you apply the tan quickly and not too generously. In particular, knees, ankles and feet should not be applied too much cream. The reason for this is calluses, which allow the tan to become stronger. If you don't get the desired color after one application, just try a second time until the desired tanning level is achieved.

    Tip: Don't forget to prepare your body accordingly for the tan. We recommend a body peeling, which you do a few days in advance and then moisturize. This removes dead skin cells, making the result less blotchy.

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