Body scrub

It's not just your facial skin that needs a targeted beauty routine that is tailored to your skin's individual needs. Your body also needs cleaning and care products that are appropriate for your skin type in order to stay healthy and supple. After all, the skin is our largest organ, which is why it should receive a lot of attention.
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    A body exfoliation, also known as a body scrub, is ideal for removing dirt, rough, dry skin, dead, old cells and imperfections. The body peeling ensures that the skin underneath is fresh, cleansed and smooth again. The peeling massages the skin and promotes renewal. While fine particles clean the skin deep into the pores and ensure better blood circulation, nourishing ingredients help the skin to be even more receptive to the subsequent lotion or body milk. The nutrients can be distributed much better into the lower layers of the skin. Your skin will appear more nourished and softer. In addition, with regular body exfoliation, blemishes and pimples are a thing of the past. It is important that you do not use the peeling too often, otherwise your skin may become more sensitive. A body scrub is recommended approximately once or twice a week. The ideal time for a peeling is in the evening. This allows the subsequent care to absorb overnight. A body scrub in the morning is less recommended, as the skin is very sensitive to light afterwards.
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