BIOEFFECT products contain the award-winning genetically engineered epidermal growth factor EGF. This active ingredient was awarded the Nobel Prize and caused great excitement among experts. EGF is produced exclusively for BIOEFFECT in barley plants and away from all negative environmental influences with pure Icelandic spring water and naturally stimulates cell growth and renewal of skin cells. Thanks to the special care, the skin regains its youthful radiance.
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    Next generation scientific skin care

    The epidermal growth factor EGF is based on ten years of biotechnological research in Iceland. It contains a cell activator, a skin protein that accelerates the renewal of skin cells. For BIOEFFECT, this growth factor is copied from human skin cells and incorporated into the care products. Developed in close collaboration with leading specialists in the fields of biochemistry and dermatology, the products renew, nourish and repair aging skin. Even heavily stressed and particularly sensitive skin is cared for by BIOEFFECT products and regains its original radiance. The BIOEFFECT product line can be combined with any other care product due to its unique properties.

    Green biotechnology for maximum purity and efficiency

    BIOEFFECT places particular emphasis on naturalness and purity, both in the product and in the manufacturing process. Since the main stress factors of aging skin are chemicals and fragrances, which are often found in inferior care products, these are avoided from the outset. Instead, BIOEFFECT relies on green biotechnology in the heart of Iceland, where the cell activators in barley seeds mature. The plants grow in state-of-the-art greenhouses on volcanic pumice and are watered exclusively with pure spring water. The energy required for operation is generated through environmentally friendly geothermal energy. This unique green biotechnology minimizes the risk of contamination from bacteria or animal-derived cell cultures on the one hand and maximizes skin compatibility on the other. In addition, BIOEFFECT products do not contain any preservatives, parabens or fragrances.

    Experience the new cosmetics from Bioeffect at VERALICE! Bioeffect works with the Nobel Prize-winning active ingredient EGF - Epidermal Growth Factor. Bioeffect has already attracted attention from experts for this active ingredient, which also occurs as a natural skin growth factor in cell renewal. In our shop you can get current serums, facial care and body care, day care and special care for the eye area. We would be happy to advise you about Bioeffect by phone or email.

    Bioeffect EGF Serum: With the EGF Serum you can sustainably improve your skin's appearance. The skin appears fresher, more even and plumper. Wrinkles are no longer as visible, moisture retention is improved and the skin starts to work again.

    Bioeffect Hydrating Cream: The BIOEFFECT Hydrating Cream is an intensive moisturizing cream that gives you soft and velvety skin and a radiant complexion.

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