Since 1905, the brand name VALMONT has stood for perfection, quality and a youthful charisma. The Valmont Clinic was founded in Switzerland, in Montreux to be precise, where nutritional advice and hydrotherapy were offered for the first time. 75 years after its founding, Valmont finally dedicated itself entirely to beauty care, so the brand set itself the goal of developing anti-aging products with visible and lasting effects. Today you can take active and targeted action against the signs of skin aging with Valmont Cosmetics.
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    Valmont Cosmetics – This is what makes the products and series so special

    For many years, Valmont has been helping women and men reduce the visible signs of skin aging. True to the principles of traditional Swiss medicine, Valmont uses the resources of untouched nature and the latest findings in cellular cosmetics for its exclusive anti-aging care products. As we age, the skin loses its suppleness and firmness, causing wrinkles and lines to appear. The exclusive Valmont products cover all factors of skin aging. Highly effective ingredients such as HP DNA, patented triple DNA and liposomal RNA meet purified glacier water at Valmont Cosmetics. Plant extracts from Valmont's strictly controlled Phyto-Alpine Garden round off the luxurious cosmetic products perfectly. Basically, all herbal ingredients come from our own alpine garden in the canton of Valais and are subject to the strictest quality controls.
    Valmont products: facts worth knowing

    Use of glacier spring water: In 1995, pure spring water from the glacier was used for the first time to produce a cosmetic Valmont product. The glacier water stimulates cell metabolism and stimulates the skin's natural defense mechanisms.

    Optimization of moisture supply: Both the Valmont eye care and the Valmont cream ensure optimal moisture supply. This is due to deoxyribonic acid (DNA) and ribonucleic acid (RNS). In addition, they have a regenerating and anti-oxidation effect.

    Effectiveness of the products: The high polymer DNA with an intact molecular structure guarantees the highest effectiveness of Valmont cosmetics. The DNA in the nucleus of every human cell makes up 70-90% of the cell's dry matter and is therefore the concentrate of our life.

    Increase in cellular renewal: In 2004, Valmont enriched the DNA with calcium, magnesium and sodium, thereby increasing cellular regeneration to the highest level. The penetration depth of DNA liposomes exceeds that of standard DNA by 300 times.

    Valmont Cosmetics: Care and cleansing for the face, décolleté, hands and hair
    VALMONT luxury anti-aging cosmetics are primarily dedicated to the parts of the body where the signs of skin aging are particularly visible. Valmont offers exclusive series for face, décolleté, hands and hair . With high-quality Valmont eye care or a special Valmont cream, signs of skin degeneration are a thing of the past. Valmont offers the right care for every skin type. In particular sensitive, demanding and dry skin types are optimally cared for with Valmont's cellular cosmetics. The focus here is on reducing wrinkles, increasing moisture loss and reducing sun damage.

    Buy Valmont cosmetics online at Veralice

    Valmont offers Premium cosmetics at the highest level, which is why we have one or two serums as well as masks, such as the highly effective Valmont Prime Renewing Pack, in professional application for more than 15 years use. Ms. Ulrike Keller-Knobelspies was one of the first beauticians to use Valmont products for her customers. The effective care products are available in selected specialist shops and special spas. In the Veralice online shop you can order Valmont cosmetics as needed and find out in advance from our skin care experts about the right series and products for your skin type.

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