After Sun

It's not just your facial skin that needs a targeted beauty routine that is tailored to your skin's individual needs. Your body also needs cleaning and care products that are appropriate for your skin type in order to stay healthy and supple. After all, the skin is our largest organ, which is why it should receive a lot of attention.
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    As important as the right sun protection is before bathing in the sun, care afterwards is just as important. After sun products cool, refresh, soothe and help irritated skin retain its moisture. Thanks to an after sun lotion, the skin is able to recover from the exertions of the day. At the same time, it ensures that the tan lasts longer. The products relieve slight redness. Thanks to ingredients such as aloe vera, the after sun creams and lotions have a regenerating and calming effect. It is important that you choose a cooling product in order to restore sufficient moisture to your skin. Be sure to use a different lotion for your face than for your body.
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