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Akne & Hautunreinheiten
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    Impure skin is usually accompanied by oily skin, at least in the T-zone. It can have very diverse causes. Very often it is controlled by the hormonal balance, hence the recurring monthly pimples and increased blackheads. Stress plays a big role, but unsuitable cosmetics can also lead to clogged pores. Increased sebum production clogs the pores and certain bacteria then lead to pimples and even inflammatory pustules. The most important thing for impure skin is intensive but gentle cleansing to free the pores of deposits and the right peeling. Under no circumstances should you use products that are too aggressive. There are many active ingredients in cosmetic products, such as Vit.A, zinc, chlorhexidine and AHAS, which quickly improve the complexion. A care program that is perfectly tailored to the complexion is absolutely necessary. Let the Veralice skin experts advise you!

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