"I have documented the effectiveness of cosmetics on skin aging in many studies in my 50 years of cosmetic work. With regular skin diagnoses, the ongoing changes were assigned to each regular customer. A lot has changed during this time. We know how positive an impact a mindful lifestyle has. According to the latest findings in cosmetology, the concentration of active ingredients in products is the guarantee for sustainable success in anti-aging care."
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    The EXPERSTLINE cosmetic range is the ideal addition to your daily skin care routine. The active ingredient products ensure supple, vital skin and a fresh complexion. The maximum concentration of active ingredients visibly increases the success of all skin care products. The products are very well tolerated and do not contain any mineral oils, silicones, PEGs, dyes or parabens for optimal protection of your skin. The scientifically recognized ingredients are perfect for anti-aging care. They promote cell renewal, tighten the skin and help to effectively prevent skin aging.

    Behind the development are five decades of expertise in cosmetic skin treatment. Highly concentrated Hyaluron, Vitamin C, a Triple Retinol (Vitamin A) and the Hexapetide Argireline - these are the anti-aging boosters for every skin. They keep the skin looking youthful, plump it up and reduce the depth of wrinkles. The elasticity is increased by the stimulation of collagen production and cell damage caused by sun exposure is reduced. The complexion looks relaxed, radiant and fresh! It is very important to prepare the skin for care through deep cleansing and regular peeling so that the active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin.

    From around the age of 25, the renewal of skin cells slows down. The natural moisture factors decrease and dryness wrinkles appear. The hyaluronic concentration is reduced. Collagen renewal decreases by approximately 1% annually and by age 55 we have lost approximately 35% of our collagen. Therefore, early care with EXPERTsLINE active ingredient serums is the best prevention to plump up the skin and keep it firm and vital. This reduces the formation of deeper wrinkles, reduces dryness and pigmentation. The products are ideal for all women who want to have healthy, beautiful skin for life.

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