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The secret of the success of Ella Baché Cosmetics is based on the belief that every skin is unique in its needs and these needs to be taken into account when caring for it. At Ella Baché, individual care concepts have been the key to beautiful and healthy skin since the brand was founded in the 1930s. At Ella Baché, selected ingredients are transformed into pampering textures that not only care for the skin optimally, but also ensure a luxurious application experience.
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    Every skin is unique

    Skin care shouldn't be a guessing game. Ella Baché Kosmetik uses comprehensive knowledge of the individual needs of your skin to create a cleansing and care concept that is perfectly tailored to your skin type. With the help of a professional skin diagnosis, a range of highly effective, well-tolerated products can be selected that optimally suit your skin and support its natural beauty. Help your skin achieve maximum beauty and health – with tailor-made care concepts that you can put together in our online shop. We would be happy to help you find the Ella Baché products that are right for you.

    Ella Baché cosmetics - Experience has shown it to be effective

    At Ella Baché, selected ingredients are transformed into pampering textures that not only optimally care for the skin, but also ensure a luxurious application experience. Rich cream, refreshing peeling or nourishing mask? Get to know your skin's needs and respond with the appropriate care from Ella Baché. Skin types can change over time due to different factors. Changes can occur due to diet, stress or hormones, among other things. Ella Baché products help you address this and always reveal the most beautiful version of your skin.

    Individual care as the basis for beautiful skin

    The experiences of an 80-year brand history flow into the development of new products. Ella Baché founded the brand of the same name in 1936. The revolutionary beautician was convinced that “no two skin types are alike” due to genetic predisposition and that our skin differs in its needs. On this basis, today as then, highly effective products are developed that satisfy individual cleaning and care requirements. Madame Baché's beliefs are still at the core of the Ella Baché brand and are the reason for the brand's global success.

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