Dermalogica develops cosmetics based on the premise “Healthy skin is beautiful skin”. The most important step is to understand your skin's needs and respond to them with the right skin care. Since its founding in 1986, Dermatologica has established itself as an internationally successful cosmetics brand for professional skin care. All Dermalogica products are cruelty-free and tailored to the individual needs of the skin, so that they meet the highest demands. Whether facial or body care: Dermalogica cosmetics set new standards.
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    Dermalogica products for different needs

    In our online shop you will find a Dermalogica peeling as well as cleansing products and toners that let your skin breathe easier. The care products from Dermalogica help maintain the natural balance and promote resistance, while special care such as masks or serums satisfy specific skin needs. In addition, you can get to know the different products in a coordinated Dermalogica set and try out whether they suit your skin needs.

    Dermalogica range: Discover the variety of multifaceted care series

    PreCleanse: The PreCleanse cleansing oil from Dermalogica is ideal for daily cleansing of your face.

    Skin Resurfacing Cleanser: Although it is a cleansing product from the AGE Smart range, the cleanser is also a Dermalogica peeling as it restructures and restructures the skin gently exfoliates.

    Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant: The Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant leaves skin soft, smooth and supple. After the first application, you can look forward to visible skin improvements and an even complexion.

    Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream: The Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream uses HydraMesh technology to create 48-hour lasting protection that moisturizes the skin and prevents it from drying out protects. The moisturizer is enriched with dual hyaluronic acid technology.

    Dermalogica Retinol Clearing Oil: The Retinol Clearing Oil Dermalogica is a high-quality night care product that combines two powerful ingredients in one formula. Salicylic acid provides rapid clarification and prevention of inflammation. Retinol helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

    Dermalogica Smart Response Serum: It is based on Smart Response technology, which detects micro-changes in the skin and activates specific active ingredients only where and when they are to be needed. The serum calms by detecting inflammation and inhibiting the molecules that cause inflammatory processes. It also has a firming effect by detecting low energy levels in the skin, which leads to wrinkles and lines.

    Dermalogica Active Moist: Thanks to a light formula, Dermalogica Active Moist works without added oil and provides moisture. In addition, Active Moist from Dermalogica protects the skin from drying out. Silk amino acids help improve skin texture, while ivy, cucumber, lemon, watercress and burdock refine skin texture.

    What's special about Dermalogica

    The development basis for the innovative Dermalogica product lines for the face and body is the many years of experience of well-trained skin care specialists. Dermalogica has thus developed into a brand preferred by cosmetic professionals. In addition, the brand is characterized by the following elements:

    Face mapping: Using face mapping, a skin analysis method developed by Dermalogica, the skin can be analyzed zone by zone and a product range tailored specifically to your needs can be put together become.

    Active ingredients: The various products are based on unique combinations of innovative, nature-identical active ingredients and professional experience.

    Formulas: Instead of decorative packaging and expensive commercials, Dermalogica relies on highly effective formulations right from the start.

    Ingredients: All Dermalogica Beauty lines are free from parabens, mineral oil, lanolin as well as artificial colors and fragrances - for maximum tolerability and maximum effect.

    Dermalogica Set: You don't know whether the cosmetic brand's products suit you? Then use the Dermalogica set, where you get small versions of the original care and cleaning items to try out.

    By developing highly effective cosmetics, the label wants to use experience from more than 25 years to promote the health of your skin and give it everything it needs to be naturally beautiful.

    This is how Dermalogica came about

    Not just in the year it was actually founded in 1986, but three years earlier, Dermalogica was supposed to bring about a upheaval in the cosmetics industry . Brand founder Jane Wurwand, who, as an experienced skin care specialist in the USA, came into contact with the industry that was purely interested in aesthetics, wanted to close a gap by launching her own brand. Wurwand, who had received serious training in Great Britain, realized that there were almost no further training opportunities in the area of ​​skin and body care. She opened a small training center in California, but soon realized there was a lack of products that met her cosmetic needs. In 1986, the first Dermalogica product range came onto the market. In doing so, Dermalogica went against the common ideal of beauty and glamour, but over time it established itself as an internationally successful brand for professional skin care.

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