Make-up remover

Thorough and gentle cleansing is important to remove dirt, make-up and dead skin from your skin. This means she can breathe again and recover from internal hardships such as stress, but also from external factors such as environmental pollution. It is recommended to carry out the cleansing routine in the morning and evening according to your skin type.
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    Removing make-up is part of your classic and daily routine in the evening? Then a good, mild make-up remover should be one of your most important beauty tools. A good remover cleanses the skin in a gentle way, ideally even removes waterproof cosmetics and cares for the face without irritating it. The latter in particular is very important because make-up, from mascara to foundation to lipstick, affects the skin. It can dry out, skin aging can progress more quickly and pores can become clogged. Therefore, a thorough cleansing with make-up remover in the evening is very important. There are various products that are suitable for this. In addition to the typical removers that are used with water, there are also cloths or pads. Both variants already contain an appropriate mixture and must be applied evenly to the skin. Such products are ideal for on the go.
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