Thorough and gentle cleansing is important to remove dirt, make-up and dead skin from your skin. This means she can breathe again and recover from internal hardships such as stress, but also from external factors such as environmental pollution. It is recommended to carry out the cleansing routine in the morning and evening according to your skin type.
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    A toner is a nourishing facial toner, also known as a tonic or tonic. The product does three jobs at the same time: it cleanses the skin in depth, it nourishes it and it prepares it for the subsequent products. This is why a toner is also used between cleaning and the next care step. This allows the facial toner to work best. A toner cleanses the skin more thoroughly after cleansing the face, so that the pores become clearer and skin impurities are prevented. The product also has a mattifying, moisturizing, regulating, balancing or nourishing effect. The ingredients of the tonic are important, as every skin type needs something different. However, all toners do one job: they moisturize the skin. This means that subsequent care products are absorbed much better. By the way, it is easily applied with a cotton pad that is gently moved over the skin, or - depending on the product - it can also be sprayed directly onto the skin.

    Note: If you are now wondering whether micellar water is also a facial toner, we have to answer in the negative. In contrast to toner, micellar water is both a cleanser and a tonic. It combines the properties of the two skin care products.

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