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Every day they are full of energy and do amazing things: our eye and lip areas are a true miracle. However, it is not uncommon for stress such as environmental influences or harmful radiation from the sun and/or PC work to become clearly visible at the end of the day. Wrinkles, fine lines, fine lines, dull skin - there are many signs that the skin around the eyes or lips is irritated and stressed. It is therefore important that the sensitive facial areas are cleaned and cared for according to skin type.
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    They give you a seductive look and set the eyes off in an attractive way. They are also an excellent protective filter to keep foreign bodies and dirt away from sensitive eyes. In order for the eyelashes to remain well-groomed in the long term and to provide the appropriate protection for the eye area, they need targeted care. You can start here, for example, with your decorative cosmetics. This strains the eyelashes. It's best to look for mascara that doesn't dry out too much and has a nourishing effect on the eyelashes. A Lash Primer is also recommended, as this not only makes the fine hairs appear fuller, but also nourishes them and protects them from drying out. It is important to have a daily and thorough make-up removal routine. Only use special cleansing products for the eye area to remove your decorative cosmetics. Avoid rubbing vigorously and use a cotton pad in gentle circular movements to remove mascara, eye shadow, etc. With a high-quality eyelash serum you not only give your eyelashes more volume and natural beauty, but also nourish them with important ingredients. The eyelash serums also stimulate natural growth and resistance.

    Tip: It's best to avoid waterproof mascara. This is difficult to remove and the strong friction causes the eyelashes to fall out more quickly. If you want to use an eyelash curler, use it before you apply your lashes. Mascara makes your eyelashes harder. The pressure from the eyelash curler can cause eyelashes that have already been inked to break off more quickly.

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