The skin689 series contains highly effective cosmeceuticals that tighten the skin and effectively correct undesirable changes on the skin surface. The different preparations are suitable for individual problem areas from the face, neck and décolleté to the body. The products are developed and produced in Switzerland, where it is ensured that they meet all the requirements of a premium skin care line.
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    All skin689 products have an efficient active ingredient base

    The skin689 line is based on various active ingredients such as intensively moisturizing hyaluronic acid, protective panthenol and different oils from nourishing apricot kernel oil to smooth almond oil. In addition, the products are complemented by in-house active ingredient complexes and special extracts , which are responsible for the high effectiveness of the premium skin care line.

    CHacoll: This is an exclusively patented active ingredient complex from medical research that penetrates deep into the skin and stimulates the skin's own collagen synthesis. In addition, skin elasticity is maximized and the surface becomes smoother.

    CoAXEL: With the help of this complex of COA, L-carnitine and caffeine, it is possible to break down liquid fatty acids and tighten the skin.

    PhytoCellTec Argan Stem Cell Extract: This cosmetic extract effectively combats the aging of the skin and protects the skin stem cells, thereby supporting the firming effect of the products. This visibly improves the complexion's appearance, for example by reducing the depth of the skin's aging characteristics.

    DermCom crocus bulb extract: With this world's first extract, the SKIN689 products promote the production of collagen and elastin. In addition, it has a nourishing effect and has a positive influence on tightening the skin.

    skin689 is an innovation in the industry

    The skin689 cosmeceuticals are causing a revolution in the anti-cellulite product market. The reasons for this lie in the multifaceted effects of the individual products. They not only serve to tightening connective tissue and skin surface, but also to reduction of fat cells and to Promotes the formation of collagen and elastin fibers. The effect of skin689 Anti Cellulite Cream has been proven by various independent studies. When used rhythmically, it is possible to increase skin elasticity by up to 22 percent and at the same time reduce the area of ​​fat cells on average by up to 44 percent. The latter even within a period of 12 weeks. However, the skin689 products do not achieve short-term success, but rather a lasting and structural improvement in the skin's appearance.

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    Discover the different skin689 products conveniently online and find out more about the Swiss line's range from our Veralice skin experts. It consists of the Anti-Cellulite Cream, the Decolleté and Neck Firming Cream, the  Upper Arms Firming Emulsion, the Bio-Cellulose Décolleté Mask and the Bio-Cellulose Face Mask. If you would like to buy one of the various cosmeceuticals from skin689 , you have come to the right place in the Veralice online shop. We would be happy to help you choose the right skin type.