Atamé herbal cosmetics rely on the healing powers of nature and are based on the combination of biological active ingredients and the latest scientific and dermatological findings. For this reason, the products are particularly suitable for sensitive skin and allergy sufferers. The entire product line is free from artificial ingredients such as parabens and is the first choice to solve various skin problems in a gentle and natural way.
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    Atame herbal cosmetics based on science

    For almost 50 years, Atame has been dedicated to skin care in a natural way. Various medicinal plants and natural ingredients that have been known for thousands of years are combined with the latest findings from science and dermatology in a special product line. The brand was founded by the druggist Herbert Beisler to provide natural relief to people with skin problems, allergy sufferers, neurodermatitis and couperose patients. Therefore, it goes without saying that neither parabens, mineral oils or other petroleum components, nor hormones or PEG emulators, nor formaldehyde releasers are used and that the products are not tested on animals. The company Dermatest gave all Atame products tested so far a grade of “Very Good”.

    Deep cleansing with Atame Tonic care series

    At the center of Atame's range of around 150 products are the so-called Tonics, which form the basis of the care series. These are made from highly pure natural raw materials and herbal and plant extracts. At the beginning of the treatment, the skin is intensively and deeply cleansed, removing old skin flakes, excess sebum and dirt. After this preparation, the skin is ready to absorb the active ingredient complexes contained in the tonics. Positive effects of tonics include restoring the moisture balance and refreshing the skin, stimulating metabolism and blood circulation in the connective tissue, regenerating skin cells and smoothing the skin texture.

    “45 years of knowledge about beauty and skin health” is what atamé says and in fact the brand is dedicated to skin health like no other. The focus of cosmetics is on high-quality herbal and plant extracts, the raw materials of which form the basis of effective health cosmetics. The absence of parabens and hormones, as well as the dermatologically tested skin compatibility, make these products the first choice for people with skin problems, but also for allergy sufferers, couperose patients or neurodermatitis sufferers. The anti-irritation agents soothe the skin and keep it healthy by strengthening the skin barrier. The focus of the company, founded by druggist Herbert Beisler, is the atamé Tonics. These are characterized by a noticeable and visible deep cleansing of the skin, which makes it ready for all other care products and restores the moisture balance. atamé's years of expertise are reflected in the active ingredients of all products and were awarded a “very good” rating by Dermatest®. atamé – this is health cosmetics that are based on intensive research and innovative development for balanced skin.

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