Our carefully selected products are designed to reduce dark spots and uneven skin tones, often caused by sun damage, acne scars or hormonal changes. Discover how our products can help you achieve an even skin tone.
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    Cosmetics and creams for pigment spots

    After a relaxing Caribbean vacation, there is often a rude awakening at home. In addition to the beautiful shells, you have brought with you an unwanted reminder: pigment spots. These are disorders of the melanocytes that produce our skin pigment. Are they out of control due to too much sun or hormonal imbalances. Dark pigment islands form in which too much melanin accumulates. The temples, the mouth area, the forehead are particularly affected, but they can also appear on the cheeks. With highly concentrated active ingredient preparations, these pigment spots can be greatly reduced and combated sustainably.

    Expert opinion on pigment spots

    Pigmental spots, the so-called lentigo senilis, make the face look older, as their name suggests. They are perceived as annoying and have become the number one beauty problem! Special cells in the epidermis, the melanocytes, are responsible for pigmentation and its abnormalities. Different stimuli such as genetic predisposition, UV rays or hormones form a dark dye, the pigment bodies. Once these melanosomes are mature, they reach the surface of the skin and cause the skin to color. If this process no longer occurs evenly and only concentrates on certain areas of the skin, dark skin spots appear. In order to alleviate this, the transfer of melanin to the keranocytes in the skin surface must first be contained in the cell nucleus of the melanocytes. Regulation must also take place. With the latest active ingredients such as DNA zinc, which has a brightening and regenerating effect, as well as hexylresorcinol, which inhibits melanin production and niacinamide, which reduces transfer, a real spectrum of effects has been created. Of course, protection against harmful UV radiation is still the top priority!

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