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The Munich Creamery uses regional resources wherever possible. Amazing active ingredients can be obtained from many plants that grow on our doorstep. That's why the founders of the Munich creamery have developed recipes using plants that have been familiar to us since we were little. This resulted in a care range made from valuable, local raw materials. The cosmetics contain, for example, daisies, beech buds and dandelions and are free of dyes and preservatives, PEGs and mineral oils. This is unique and you can feel it.
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    Active ingredients of the Munich Creamery's natural cosmetics

    Sea buckthorn oil in natural cosmetics

    The cell-regenerating sea buckthorn oil refreshes the complexion and ensures a radiant complexion. The oil is rich in vitamin C, B12 and E vitamins. The carotenoids it contains also protect skin cells. The antioxidants it contains protect the skin from free radicals.

    Daisies in natural cosmetics

    The regionally widespread flower has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps with pigment spots. Daisy extract supplies the skin with vitamins A, E and C. This makes the skin more resilient and elastic.

    Rosehip in natural cosmetics

    Rose hip extract builds collagen and sustainably reduces skin dryness. The oil obtained is rich in vitamins A, K, B and C and slows down skin aging. Antioxidants contained protect the skin from free radicals and nourish it.

    Birch water in natural cosmetics

    The tree's active ingredients activate the skin's metabolism and increase moisture supply. The active ingredient betulin also ensures the renewal of skin cells and a revitalized and clarified complexion.

    Dandelion extract in natural cosmetics

    Dandelion extract prevents stressed, dry and cracked skin and ensures a supple and pure complexion. The medicinal plant contains high levels of potassium, zinc and copper. These active ingredients help regenerate skin cells, which ensures a fresh complexion.

    Common beech buds in natural cosmetics

    The active ingredients from the common beech stimulate cell metabolism and help with small wrinkles and dry skin. The plant promotes resilient and elastic skin and ensures long-lasting skin moisture.

    Lactobacillus of pumpkin in natural cosmetics

    Minerals such as zinc, magnesium and natural vitamins from A, C and beta-carotene in Lactobacillus ensure that the skin regenerates and removes dead skin areas.


    The Munich creamery offers five products that provide comprehensive facial care. Comprehensive facial care should always consist of thorough skin cleansing and subsequent care. For cleansing, we recommend The Cleansing, The Peeling and The Tonic, which use natural ingredients to provide the perfect basis for clear skin. The subsequent care is provided by The cream and The serum, which in combination offer a strong anti-aging effect and provide the skin with sufficient and long-lasting moisture.

    A high-quality combination of regional and natural raw materials ensure optimal skin care results. In contrast to many commercial skin care products, the ingredients contained in the products do not contain any chemical-synthetic active ingredients and offer natural protection for the skin.

    In the case of facial diseases such as rosacea or couperose, it is important to care for the skin gently. We therefore recommend a mild facial cleansing with The Tonic. This gently cleanses the skin, has an anti-inflammatory effect and also ensures better absorption of the natural ingredients. We then recommend applying the cream, which has an anti-irritant, anti-allergenic effect and provides lasting, soothing care for the skin.

    For a supple, even and smooth complexion, we recommend using The peeling. The combination of natural ingredients and selected minerals frees the skin of excess sebum and dead skin particles. A change is often noticeable after the first application. The enzyme peeling also ensures the formation of new skin cells.

    For lasting, wrinkle-free skin and a radiant skin feeling, the Munich creamery offers The Serum. This highly concentrated serum contains a mixture of beech buds, dandelion extract and birch water, which, thanks to their different effects, provide the ideal basis for wrinkle-free and firm skin.

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