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The success story of CELL PREMIUM anti-aging care from Switzerland began over 20 years ago with the Zurich dermatologist Dr. med. Harald Gerny at the Swiss cosmetics company Med Beauty Swiss. His idea was to integrate medical ingredients into luxurious cosmetic formulas to sustainably improve the skin's structure. Cell Premium, the first stem cell cream of natural origin, and many other innovative products ensure that the individual layers of skin remain more elastic and firmer - well into old age.
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    Cell Premium Products – Active plant stem cells as a miracle weapon against skin aging

    Med Beauty Swiss uses effective means to ensure fresh, firm skin: the deep-acting and highly compatible products in the cell premium series contain stem cells of plant origin that sustainably strengthen and improve the skin structure. Thanks to innovative nanotechnology, the cell premium range actively combats the formation of wrinkles, loss of elasticity and unevenness right down to the deeper layers of the skin. Give your skin maximum moisture and radiance with the Cell Premium products from Med Beauty Swiss:

    The Cell Premium Eyecream is a refreshing anti-aging eye care product that protects and smoothes the sensitive skin around the eyes.

    With the Med Beauty Swiss Cell Premium Eye Pads you can effectively improve the youthfulness and firmness of the sensitive eye area within just a few minutes and prevent new signs of skin aging.

    The Cell Premium icon from Med Beauty Swiss, a highly effective anti-aging care product, combines four different stem cells from grapes, apples, alpine roses and argan trees worldwide first cream with stem cells of plant origin. They activate collagen production and stimulate skin regeneration. The complexion becomes more even, radiant and firmer.

    The nourishing Cell Premium Tonic with its refreshing, light formula with aloe vera, lotus flower extract, panthenol and urea, gently removes dirt and make-up and stimulates the skin's own ability to regenerate on.

    Give your skin pore-deep cleansing with the Med Beauty Swiss Cell Premium Cleanser, a delicate cleansing foam that optimally prepares the skin for the following care steps.

    As a highly effective anti-aging serum, the Cell Premium Serum Malus Domestica Dispenser achieves visible results in a short time: with intensive moisture and active plant stem cells, it stops the skin aging process and stimulates the skin's energy metabolism.

    With a highly concentrated active ingredient complex, the Cell Premium Light special care pampers mature skin with extra moisture and gives it youthful radiance.

    The Cell Premium Rich cream strengthens the skin with the regenerating effect of active plant stem cells by sustainably building up the skin's lipid structure and supporting the formation of new elastic tissue fibers.

    Cell Premium Cosmetics: Innovative deep effect against signs of the times

    The Cell Premium series from Med Beauty Swiss is a highly effective anti-aging care product based on the latest results from skin research in combination with innovative active ingredients. Stem cells of plant origin, such as grapes, apples, alpine roses or argan trees, activate collagen production and stimulate the regenerative ability of skin cells. In this way, signs of skin aging and skin changes caused by UV radiation can be visibly reduced. The complexion becomes more radiant and even.

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