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Every day they are full of energy and do amazing things: our eye and lip areas are a true miracle. However, it is not uncommon for stress such as environmental influences or harmful radiation from the sun and/or PC work to become clearly visible at the end of the day. Wrinkles, fine lines, fine lines, dull skin - there are many signs that the skin around the eyes or lips is irritated and stressed. It is therefore important that the sensitive facial areas are cleaned and cared for according to skin type.
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    One of the most sensitive areas of the face is the skin around the eyes. She is very thin and prone to skin problems. Dark circles, bags under the eyes, crow's feet and wrinkles are particularly stubborn. This area is often far too dry, which is why rich eye care with intensive moisture is of great importance. Products that are enriched with active ingredients such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid are therefore recommended. Both substances are part of the skin's natural moisture retention system. Nevertheless, good eye care should support the skin's natural protective barrier so that the skin loses less moisture. There are various ways to intensively care for the eye area. The selection ranges from rich creams and quick-absorbing fluids to highly concentrated serums for eyes and eyelashes to cooling eye pads and soothing masks. Eye care for mature skin and dry skin types should be enriched with high-quality UV protection to promote your skin health and prevent skin aging.

    Tip: It is also important to apply eye care correctly. As a rule, the manufacturer of the desired product specifies exactly how the eye care should be applied.

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