Peptides are considered all-rounders in the anti-aging sector. The effective active ingredients can encourage our skin to mobilize repair mechanisms, stimulate cell growth and ensure a radiant, young complexion. In the following article we will explain what exactly is meant by peptides, what role they play in cosmetics and how peptides work.

What are peptides?

Peptides are the body's own protein building blocks. They consist of a few (oligopeptides) or many (polypeptides) amino acid molecules connected by peptide bonds. They occur in various combinations in human, plant and animal cells and are part of connective tissue, hair and nails. Some peptides are considered antibacterial, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory. Others can act as messenger substances and regulate metabolism within cells. Some peptides also occur in the form of hormones (e.g. b Oxytocin and insulin) or are components of toxins (e.g. b snake and bee venom).

Peptides in cosmetics

In the beauty sector, peptides are considered a “miracle weapon” against wrinkles and other signs of skin aging. Their effect as a signal generator that causes the body to stimulate and improve functions such as cell growth, cell vitality and skin renewal has been confirmed in clinical studies. Cosmetic products that contain peptides are ideal for caring for mature skin over 35. Regular use of appropriate anti-aging products makes the skin appear younger and fresher. If the peptide-containing cosmetics are discontinued, the original skin condition can return to its original state after a certain period of time. We therefore recommend continuous care with products containing peptides. The big advantage: Peptides are very well tolerated and suitable for all skin types.

Effects for the skin

Peptides occur in different forms. Depending on the peptide compound used, different effects can be achieved. Peptides can:

  • Stimulate the skin's collagen production
  • improve skin elasticity
  • strengthen the natural skin barrier
  • Reduce the depth and width of wrinkles
  • tighten the skin from the inside
  • Provide supple, soft skin
  • Relieve facial wrinkles
  • serve as radical scavengers
  • increase the moisture content of the skin

Some peptides are also said to have a “Botox-like effect”. The so-called Agirelin, which belongs to the group of neuropeptides, are said to be able to significantly minimize the contraction of the facial muscles. The difference to Botox: The active ingredient is not injected under the skin, but rather applied to the skin in creams or other products.

Our product recommendations

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Peptides are among the newer active ingredients that are used to produce innovative cosmetic products. Regular use of the products can help maintain skin health and reduce signs of aging. Although there are not as many scientific studies on peptides as on other anti-aging ingredients such as Retinol or Vitamin C, the effects of numerous peptide compounds have already been proven using tests on cultured skin cells become. It will be interesting to see what new insights research in the field of peptides will gain in the future.