Creams come in all shapes, textures and beautiful jars. But which cream is the right one for so many? How do you recognize a high-quality cream? And which one is actually the right one for me? Our VERALICE skin experts know what makes a good cream and what it has to be able to do!


With a cream that is optimally tailored to your needs, you can do your skin good day after day. Creams moisturize and provide the skin with valuable oils and fats that maintain its suppleness. In addition, due to the active ingredients they contain, creams refine the complexion, make facial features firmer and more even, and counteract signs of stress, fatigue or skin aging.

Thanks to the sun protection factor contained in many creams, the skin is also protected from UV rays, which damage the collagen structure and are partly responsible for hyperpigmentation.


Basically, the skin type is crucial for which cream is the right one. There are different cream variants that suit the individual requirements and needs of the skin.

In general it can be said: the better the skin is already supplied with moisture, the more hydrophilic, i.e. more moisture-rich, the respective cream should be in order to be optimally absorbed. The drier the skin is, the better it is to use rich care that enriches the skin's lipid deposits.

So-called O/W or oil-in-water creams (light, relatively water-containing formulas) leave less residue on the skin because they are absorbed very quickly. Their ingredients can be absorbed particularly quickly. Richer W/O or As lipophilic, nourishing care, water-in-oil textures are ideal for drier skin and give it more lasting suppleness.



  • Lipophilic cream bodies are richer and are suitable for really dry skin. Here, for example,b Shea butter can also be used as a cream body. Lipophilic creams also protect the skin better from external influences.
  • A special position in the cream sector is occupied by gels, so-called amphiphilic creams. They are characterized by a very special texture and have been further developed in recent years. Gels are now not only used to regulate oily skin, but are also suitable as refreshing basic care or as a light, weightless anti-aging texture.
  • In comparison to creams, Emulsions are fine, thinner care products with a high moisture content and fewer lipoids. They are ideal as day care for dehydrated skin, for example as a quickly absorbed, non-weighty make-up base.
  • Oil-free emulsions provide a lot of moisture, regulate the function of the sebaceous glands and are therefore particularly ideal for young skin that tends to produce increased sebum. Apply the cream that best suits your skin and its needs to your face, neck and décolleté in the morning and evening after cleansing.
  • Hydrophilic cream bodies provide a lot of moisture, but are not as rich as lipophilic textures. They are suitable for skin types that are showing the first signs of dryness and that need both moisture and lipids.

Give your skin the care it needs every day to feel and look good with a cream tailored to your individual needs. We will be happy to advise you on choosing the right care products and answer your questions about the ingredients and effects of our creams.