A restful sleep is just as important for the appearance of our skin as it is for our physical and mental performance or our mood. With special care products we can do our skin good while we sleep and support its natural regeneration processes. Read our night care 1x1 to find out exactly where night care comes in and how we can optimize its effect for a radiant, beautiful awakening in the morning.

Ms Keller-Knobelspies, how do the needs and activities of our skin differ during the day from those at night? And how can we respond to this with targeted care?

“Whether in the house, in the office, in front of the PC or outside: we are exposed to a variety of different environmental influences throughout the day. We can protect the skin against this with special cosmetic products. Appropriate care at night can balance out the stresses of the day and strengthen the skin."

Why is it so important to care for your skin differently overnight than during the day? why are there special care products for the night?

“At night the body adjusts to regeneration and rest. For example, the head area and therefore also the facial skin are much better supplied with oxygen at night, and are actually flooded with it. The skin's sebum production is at its lowest around midnight. She now absorbs nutrients better. These are optimally transported into the deeper layers of the skin, where they contribute to skin regeneration.“

ulrike-keller-knobelspies57c94f8ca0650Which active ingredients are used particularly frequently in night care products and why?

“Biological extracts help with oxygen absorption, DNA, RNA and retinol work successfully against wrinkles at night. Elastin supports the supporting tissue particularly well. Hyaluron replenishes the moisture reserves. Basically the cream is selected according to the respective skin needs.“

How do individual night care product types differ and which ones are particularly suitable for different skin types?

The current skin condition is crucial when choosing night care. A lipid-rich cream with soothing active ingredients is particularly good for sensitive and dry skin. If the skin is stressed, the cream should not be too rich, but rather light in consistency. If you tend to have oily skin, a gel cream that has a regulating effect on the skin and eliminates excretions during the night is just the thing.“

How do you optimally prepare the skin for night care before going to bed?

“Only if the correct cleansing ritual is carried out can the active ingredients reach the deeper layer of the skin at night. If you don't cleanse thoroughly enough, the skin will only have little of the perfect cream and impurities or other skin irritations can even form!"

nachtpflege_anti_agingWhen does it make sense to use not only day care but also night care?

From the age of 30, the skin benefits from special power care at night, because effective anti-aging prevention can only really work at night.“

So-called “sleeping masks” are already very popular in Asia and are becoming increasingly fashionable here too. What do you think of this type of night care and what other trends are there in this area of ​​skin care?

“Getting a good night’s sleep” works – the skin’s ability to regenerate at night can actually be topped with a sleeping mask. Enriched with vitamin C and plant hormones (derived from soy or enriched with cell molecules), the masks can work wonders. However, they should not be used too often because they are somewhat richer in composition. Used twice a week or in between as a treatment, they ensure a radiant complexion in the morning. Important: After using a sleeping mask, the skin must be thoroughly cleansed in the morning so that any residue is removed and the complexion remains clear.“

Which areas of skin benefit particularly from type-appropriate care at night? Which special care products do you recommend for individual skin areas (e.g.b also cleavage/lips/hands)?

“The eye area as well as the neck and décolleté particularly benefit from type-appropriate care at night. Special creams are a must here, as the skin in the eye region is much thinner than on the rest of the face. The skin of the neck region is around 7 times as thick as that of the eye region and has a much firmer structure. It is therefore essential to take care of neck rings in good time. Side sleepers compress the skin in the neck and chest areas more due to their sleeping position. This creates additional creases that can at least be defused with perfect care.“

What role does a restful sleep play in healthy, beautiful skin?

“Going to bed before midnight and getting seven hours of restful sleep if possible are undisputedly a fountain of youth not only for our skin, but also for the back and for a relaxed appearance. Nature intended it that way. If you follow this rule and provide your skin with optimal care and nutrients, you basically don't have to worry about your appearance.“

What SOS tips do you have if the night was too short or the sleep was not very restful and your complexion looks a little tired and pale in the morning?

“A wake-up mask helps in the morning, such as a mask or eye patch masks in any version. After that, the tiredness can no longer be seen.“