Autumn is coming and with it the big folk festivals: The Oktoberfest in Munich and the Cannstatter Wasen in Stuttgart are probably the two largest and best-known. But smaller, regional folk festivals also attract countless visitors every year.

Whether in traditional costume or in a leisure outfit: between the festival tent and the fairground, we want to present ourselves at our best. Our tips & tricks show how you can prepare your skin for the festival season and then optimally care for it afterwards. For a glamorous appearance at Oktoberfest, Wasen & Co. and a complexion that still shines even after the party!

Our beauty tips for a radiant folk festival appearance

A tight, seductive cleavage, firm arms, fresh, smooth facial skin and an alert look: these are probably the most popular “accessories” of dirndl wearers. With the right preparation, you can shine with a radiant complexion just in time for the tapping of the barrel and can optimally showcase your feminine assets.

The facial skin is happy about an extra portion of care in advance, for example in the form of a mask. The slightly cooling, moisturizing Hyaluron cream mask from Ella Baché, for example, is applied to the face and décolleté and massaged in after 10 minutes. The result: The skin appears plumped, lines and wrinkles are reduced and the complexion looks refreshed.

Just in time for the folk festival season, a beautiful décolleté makes its grand appearance: the lifting cream the MAX from IMAGE Skincare is suitable as a quick but very effective care program that will give you a velvety look in no time -soft and tightened cleavage. To do this, first rub the décolleté with tonic, then apply the mask and let it take effect. In the meantime, you can put on your makeup and do your hair.

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The delicate V-Neck Cream from VALMONT, which optimizes the tissue structure, works against wrinkles in the décolleté area. The connective tissue is firmed and strengthened, the skin appears firmer and smoother and appears to be plumped up.

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Effective firming for the upper arms, décolleté and bust is offered by the Body Serum from Bioeffect: The EGF protein it contains ensures faster growth of the skin cells. As a result, the skin gains elasticity and moisture, the skin texture improves, the skin density is increased and uneven areas are significantly reduced.

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For a fresh complexion and an awake look, for example, we recommend the eye pads from Thalgo: Apply to the eye area shortly before the event and leave to take effect for 10 minutes. Wrinkles are immediately smoothed out. An even more intense result can be achieved if the pads are stored in the refrigerator. The patches are also ideal for relieving dark circles and swelling after partying.

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Against redness, which can be caused by little sleep, bad air in the marquee or by unusually lavish food or alcohol, are balancing care and cosmetic products that often have a slight green tint and are therefore like a optical retouching is recommended.

Exercise in the fresh air ensures that the skin is optimally supplied with oxygen. This not only makes her look rosy, but also optimizes her metabolic processes. Before and after the folk festival, walk or cycle more often - this, like exercise, is good for the entire organism and helps remove toxins.

Wonder weapon nutrition: “Feed” the skin with everything that is good for it

Essential for clear, plump skin on the face as well as on the body (and not just before the planned visit to the folk festival!): Drink plenty of water and pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet. Vitamins and trace elements ensure skin care from the inside and provide energy.

Of course, no one in the festival tent has to just nibble on lettuce leaves, but before and after hearty, often salt-rich food and the odd measure, the skin is more than grateful for nutrients and sufficient fluids. By the way, beer also contains vitamin B, which is good for the skin - enjoyed in moderation, of course! When alcohol is broken down, additional fluid and minerals are removed from the organism, so it is important to drink enough water and eat a balanced diet not only before the festival but also afterwards.

Even a small juice cleanse with fresh fruit and vegetable juices can work wonders! This means that the empty energy depots are replenished in no time and slags can be broken down more easily. This means that signs of fatigue and dark circles under the eyes don't even stand a chance.

We wish you a wonderful 2016 folk festival season and would be happy to advise you on the effects and ingredients of our products.