Spring is the ideal time to relieve and detoxify the organism with a purification treatment. Wrong eating habits, excess caffeine or nicotine, stress, too little sleep and lack of exercise cause the organism to become unbalanced. The consequences are hyperacidity and symptoms such as fatigue, irritability, tiredness, headaches or difficulty concentrating. The skin also reacts - for example with a pale complexion, impurities or irritations. In this article, find out how you can detoxify using simple means and care for your skin from the inside.

Dietary supplements help detoxify and feel good

Whether it's a classic fasting week, an acid-base cure or a longer-term detox program: an alkaline-based diet allows the body to eliminate toxins caused by hyperacidity and makes you feel more alert, more resilient and more productive.

Dietary supplements can help support the success of a detoxifying treatment and provide the body and skin with important nutrients:

Discover our food supplements from THALGO! Finely coordinated plant and algae extracts ensure definition of the body, improvement of the skin, hair and nails and an increase in your performance.

Our recommendations for detoxifying and feeling good

  • A 10-day treatment with Activ Detox from THALGO supports physical well-being by remineralizing and promoting drainage of the tissue.
  • With two ampoules of THALGO L'Océane - a concentrate of pure sea water - per day you supply your body with approx. 90 different minerals and trace elements that help to compensate for everyday stress or physical strain during a 10-day treatment.
  • The Océa Perfect capsules from THALGO act as a true vitality booster: brittle hair and nails are strengthened with the help of natural cress extracts and the protein and nutrient-rich bacterium spirulina, the beta-carotene they contain strengthens them The skin's defense against free radicals.

And what does our cosmetics expert say?

“After the long winter break, our skin often looks gray and tired. The body skin is also not at its best. Now is the right time to strengthen our vitality from within. Ampoules with pure, mineral seawater provide us with a particularly high proportion of micronutrients as well as various minerals and trace elements. These also revitalize our skin. For strengthened hair and nails, capsules made from cress extracts and spirulina algae, which are rich in beta-carotene, are highly recommended.

If you want to prepare your skin particularly well for the sun, you should definitely test the Océa Sun capsules from THALGO and use them for approx. Take daily for 2 weeks. Our sun-sensitive customers who have already tried this are thrilled. The capsules contain lutein, a carotenoid of plant origin. It helps activate the skin's sun protection and promotes an even and radiant tan. If you take the capsules after your vacation, you will stay tan significantly longer.“

Your skin expert,
Ulrike Keller-Knobelspies

The lightness of being - purification for your figure and well-being

You can additionally support the effect of a detoxification treatment with a targeted exercise and care program - for example by regularly exfoliating the skin or using special figure-firming care that combats fat and water retention. To feel great about your body, you should pay just as much attention to your body as your face when caring for it.


The THALGO correction gel for problem areas supports the breakdown of fat deposits and activates the oxygen supply to the subcutaneous tissue thanks to innovative Oxy-Activ technology and effective plant extracts. The result is a more defined silhouette and firmer, more even skin on areas of the body such as the buttocks, hips or thighs, which are often affected by cellulite and unsightly fat deposits.

5 tips for feeling good in summer

To stay healthy, feel good and ensure beautiful, supple skin, you should heed the following tips:

  • Eat healthy and balanced: Fresh, preferably unprocessed food rich in vitamins and fiber provides the organism with valuable nutrients.
  • Drink enough: Adequate fluid intake is not only important to keep the circulation stable in warm temperatures, but also for plump, smooth skin. You should drink at least 2.5 liters a day - even more on hot days or when exercising. Unsweetened, not too cold drinks such as water, herbal or fruit teas are ideal.
  • Do sport: Excess pounds can be effectively combated with a targeted exercise program that tightens and strengthens the silhouette. If you build muscle, you also increase your calorie consumption and therefore burn more calories even at rest. Due to the increased oxygen intake during exercise, the skin is better supplied with blood and therefore automatically appears fresher and plumper.
  • Sleep enough: How many hours of sleep are ideal for getting up refreshed in the morning varies from person to person. The usual sleep duration for an adult is between 6 and 9 hours - sleep doctors recommend 7 - 8 hours. In sheep, our body regenerates itself and replenishes empty depots - from which the skin also benefits.
  • Targeted care: Small pads or unevenness? With the latest cellulite and body toning products, cellulite is significantly reduced. The long-term effect of the products is sensational. The active ingredients it contains ensure that dietary fat is not deposited in the cells. An absolute revolution is the tightening of skin tissue by converting collagen fibers.

We would be happy to advise you if you have any questions about our dietary supplements or our product highlights for improving body contours. Just talk to us!