Silicon, along with oxygen , is the most widespread chemical element on Earth. We encounter it at every turn as quartz or sand or – in combination with aluminum – in the form of clay, mica or other rocks. At first glance, silicon does not play a particularly important role as a cosmetic active ingredient, but organosilicon additives and inorganic silicates are certainly used in the cosmetic sector - especially in anti-aging skin care.

Silicic acid, for example, which is formed during the oxidation of silicon, is essential for the structure of our connective tissue and the bone structure. The human body contains an average of approx. per kilogram of body weight. 20 mg of silica, taken in through food. silicon (or Silicon compounds) therefore have an important cosmetic significance - and are used by manufacturers such as THALGO, the expert for cosmetics based on active, maritime ingredients, due to its positive effect on skin texture and appearance.

This is how silicon is obtained and used as a cosmetic active ingredient

The trace element silica, which is used as an organosilicon product in many skin care products, is obtained from fossil diatoms, which occur primarily in seawater and occasionally also in freshwater. Diatoms have existed on Earth for millions of years; there are around 10.000 different types of algae. The algae that grow on the seabed store silicon crystals that occur in gravel and sand, leaving huge deposits of silica on the seabed after they die.

As an essential building material of our connective tissue, silicon ensures:

  • Strength and elasticity of skin, blood vessels, ligaments and tendons
  • optimal hair growth
  • strong, smooth nails

A silicon deficiency manifests itself, among other things, in brittle hair and fingernails, weak skin and slack connective tissue.

Silicic acid as a cosmetic active ingredient:

  • strengthens the connective tissue
  • Increases the skin's ability to bind water
  • has a skin-smoothing, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect

Beauty from the depths of the sea: effective THALGO skin care with silicon


High-quality maritime silicon, as found in the products of the THALGO silicon series for mature, demanding skin, promotes cell metabolism and thus the production of new skin cells. It ensures that the skin's elasticity and firmness are maintained and gives a vital, youthful appearance.

  • The rich Thalgo Silicon Cream works against visible wrinkles and sagging contours. The paraben-free cream with active ingredients from the depths of the sea stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid and has a restorative and regenerating effect. The combination of highly effective ingredients creates a thickening, firming effect; the facial contours appear newly modeled.
  • The Thalgo Silicium Eye Cream ensures firm, smooth skin in the sensitive skin region around the eyes. Small eye wrinkles are immediately visually plumped up. The effectively firming eye care intensively supplies the skin with valuable nutrients and moisture using maritime silicon. The cream also has a stimulating effect on cell metabolism and influences the reconstruction of supporting fibers such as collagen and elastin.
  • As a highly effective silicon care with a lifting effect, the Thalgo silicon extracts give the face and neck area an intensive firming effect with a combination of caffeine and maritime silicon. If there is a loss of elasticity and slackening of the contours, the skin is sustainably strengthened and the production of collagen and elastin is intensively stimulated, so that the contours on the face and neck appear more defined and almost as if they have been remodeled.
  • For demanding, mature skin, the Thalgo Silicium Anti-Aging Foundation has a correcting, concealing and cell-renewing effect. The result is an even complexion with fresh luminosity and a smooth, velvety skin feeling. Skin irregularities are evened out, signs of aging appear retouched and the skin's natural radiance is reactivated. The formulation of maritime silicon, moisturizing hyaluronic acid, the finest micropigments and light-reflecting powder particles ensures a visibly refined complexion. Silicon supports cell regeneration, hyaluronic acid balances signs of skin aging through maximum moisture supply and the micropigments, combined with the light-reflecting powder particles, make skin irregularities disappear.

We would be happy to advise you on our THALGO skin care series with maritime silicon and give you tips on how to use it.