Why type-appropriate cleansing is so important for beautiful, healthy skin

Sunlight, dirt, dust, heat, cold, moisture or dryness: our skin is equipped with a natural protective shield to meet the challenges that we face every day. This protective film, which keeps the skin supple and makes it more resistant to environmental influences, consists of:a from a mixture of sebum and sweat.

The skin is not only protected against sunlight and climate influences by this fat-water film on the skin surface, it also absorbs dust and dirt. To ensure that the natural skin functions are not negatively affected by these deposits or other environmental influences, it is important to clean the skin regularly and according to type.

By using cleansing products that suit the individual skin type and condition, dirt and pollutants can be removed gently but thoroughly. The natural protective barrier, which is essential for a healthy balance of the skin, is retained.

Cleansing makes the skin breathe easier

Especially for skin types that tend to produce increased sebum and enlarged pores, daily cleansing plays an important role in keeping the skin beautiful and healthy. The skin's own protective film also provides an optimal breeding ground for bacteria. These in turn can easily cause irritation or impurities. If the pores are not regularly and thoroughly cleared of any bacteria, this can result in impure, uneven skin.

In addition, care products cannot develop their full effect on skin that has not been cleansed or has not been cleaned properly. With a morning and evening cleansing ritual that suits your skin type and the needs of your skin, you will lay the foundation for fresh, healthy skin that not only looks refined, but is also better protected from environmental influences as it supports the skin's natural functions become.

What types of cleaning products are there and how do they work?

As different as each individual's skin is, so are the cleansing rituals that suit it. However, a “basic cleansing ritual”, consisting of preparatory, deep-acting and clarifying cleansing, is suitable for all skin types.

1. Step: Preparatory cleaning

A cleansing lotion or milk combines optimally with deposits on the skin, removes make-up and prepares the skin for the following cleansing steps. Simply apply cleansing milk in circular movements and then remove with a compress or cleansing sponge.

2. Step: The main cleaning

Cleansing creams or gels offer a convenient but thorough way to cleanse the skin extensively and in depth:

  • Cream detergent: Water-soluble cream cleanser that cleanses gently but thoroughly. Also suitable for dry skin.
  • Foam cream: Active, pore-deep cleansing that, in contact with water, forms a gentle foam that penetrates deep into the pores. Very suitable for skin types that tend to form blackheads or deposits.
  • Wash gel: Light, refreshing skin cleanser, very suitable for large-pored and oily skin.

Our product recommendations for main cleaning:

  1. Special Cleansing Gel from Dermalogica
    Soap-free, foaming gel for all skin types that removes dirt without attacking the skin.
  2. Preventive Skin Care Cleansing Foam
    Gentle cleansing foam for removing make-up, dirt and deposits.
  3. 1000 Mille - Le Lait Demaquillant
    Rich cleansing cream that provides intensive care even as you clean. Particularly suitable for sensitive, mature and rather dry skin.

3. Step: The final cleaning

Just as a toothbrush and toothpaste belong together, the perfect cleaning ritual also includes the use of a facial toner or tonic. As a kick of freshness or soothing care, tonics are the ideal conclusion to skin cleansing. It removes any residue of previous cleansing products from the skin. It also frees the skin from deposits from tap water, which is often very calcareous and can irritate sensitive skin types.

Our product recommendations for final cleaning:

  1. Sea water tonic from Thalgo
    Refreshing and nourishing facial toner that completes the cleansing of the skin.
  2. UltraCalming Mist from Dermalogica
    Facial spray that refreshes and soothes. Ideal for sensitive skin and as a boost of freshness every now and then.

When and how often clean?

Ideally, you should carry out your individual cleansing ritual twice a day: in the morning you prepare the skin optimally for the day, remove metabolic residues that have accumulated on the skin's surface overnight and stimulate microcirculation. The skin immediately appears fresher and more relaxed.

In the evening, the skin should be intensively cleaned of all residues and dirt that have accumulated over the course of the day.

Our expert tips for radiant skin results

  • It is particularly effective to use a so-called “pre-cleaner” as preparation, which removes coarse impurities and then gently and extensively distributes the cleansing product that is ideal for your skin on the skin. Massage lightly, then remove with a damp sponge.
  • All-in-one cleaning products that combine several cleaning steps in one product are ideal for those who need to be quick. Also perfect for on the go, on vacation or after sport.
  • Cleansing your skin in the morning and evening, like brushing your teeth, should become a ritual that you don't even think about. Take enough time to cleanse your skin - it will thank you. Your individual cleansing ritual can be a wonderful wake-up ritual in the morning and a relaxation ritual in the evening!

With optimal cleansing you give your skin the best basis for looking beautiful and healthy. Look forward to radiant, refreshed skin that meets the challenges of everyday life with a vital complexion and wonderfully nourished skin.

We would be happy to help you find the perfect products for your individual cleansing ritual.