Ageless is a highly effective care line from Image Skincare. It is suitable for all customers who want to prevent aging and for skin that is already showing the first signs of aging. This means that the skin has lost its firmness and looks very tired and gray. The care can also be used for skin that is already showing the first pigment spots.
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    The secret of the Ageless care series

    The secret of Ageless by Image Skincare is the great antioxidant effect. This protects the skin from environmental stress. Alpha-hydroxy acid (fruit acid) with retinol, vitamin A and plant stem cell technology, for example from apples, ensure high-tech technology in a particularly unique combination.

    What properties do Image Skincare's Ageless products have?

    Despite their high nutrient content and activating properties, Ageless by Image Skincare products are very light in consistency and absorb quickly skin in. In addition, they are characterized by a simple program where you can easily give your skin a real freshness booster overnight with an overnight retinol mask, for example.

    Top products from Ageless by Image Skincare

    Total Pure Hyaluronic Filler: This serum helps fill lines and wrinkles, fights free radicals and provides direct and lasting moisture.

    Total Facial Cleanser: The universal cleanser renews and rejuvenates the skin, reduces sun-related damage and protects the skin. In addition, make-up and dead skin cells are eliminated. What remains is a refreshed, cleansed area of ​​skin.

    Total Anti-Aging Serum: With this serum you can reduce the volume of wrinkles by 31 percent within 28 days. The intensive and long-lasting effect of the serum is thanks to the Vectorize technology, which releases encapsulated, active ingredients into the skin over 48 hours.

    Total Repair Crème: If you want to smooth your wrinkles and tighten your skin, the cream with retinol, hyaluronic acid and licorice is ideal.

    Total Resurfacing Masque: The active ingredients in this mask stimulate collagen production and reduce the depth of wrinkles. Anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties also contribute to healthy skin.

    Total Eye Lift: Thanks to this high-quality eye cream, this sensitive area of ​​the face receives new firmness. The skin has an immediate tightening effect and tired, dry eyes are soothed and supplied with the right nutrients.

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