Thalgo Biodepyl is the perfect care supplement for your skin after epilation or depilation. The products reduce the speed of hair growth and use a special solution to ensure that ingrown areas of hair can grow out more easily.
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    Thalgo Biodepyl: four reasons why you should use the series

    No matter which epilation or depilation method you prefer, one thing is certain: your skin needs appropriate care afterwards to recover from the strain. With the Thalgo Biodepyl series, the brand has created a suitable solution that is now the perfect companion for four reasons t3> should be in your range.

    1. Biodépyl from Thalgo is suitable for every skin type and can therefore be used in an uncompromisingly versatile manner.

    2. The products care for the skin so gently and gently that it quickly becomes silky-soft again.

    3. Your relief stays smooth for longer, which also means less frequent epilation or depilation.

    4. Natural and valuable ingredients, such as algae and plant extracts as well as essential oils, make the product an easily tolerated all-rounder.

    Biodepyl from Thalgo: get to know the products better

    Not every skin type reacts the same way to hair removal and so you will find two hair growth inhibitors in the Thalgo Biodepyl repertoire. A solution for all skin conditions as well as special care for sensitive skin.

    Hair growth inhibiting solution for sensitive skin areas: If you already have very sensitive skin or suffer from stressed areas of your body and face after epilation or depilation, use the special solution for sensitive skin conditions. The soothing gel has a calming effect on skin irritations, replenishes the moisture balance and, as a hair growth inhibitor, slows down the speed and strength of regrowing hair.

    Special care for ingrown hairs from Thalgo Biodepyl

    With the special care against ingrown hairs , Thalgo presents a regenerating solution that is both moisturizing and clarifying and exfoliating works. Ingrown hairs are freed faster and better thanks to the unique formulation. This is due to a special enzyme called PROTEAPEEL and the acid extract from star anise. In addition, the Thalgo Biodepyl special solution makes the next hair removal easier and reduces irritated skin areas.

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