Specially developed to strengthen and support your skin's protective barrier and enriched with natural, sustainable ingredients - this is how the BIOME+ product line from IMAGE Skincare presents itself. Microbiome-friendly skin care helps balance skin tone, nourishes, soothes, nourishes and hydrates the skin without over-impacting it or compromising its current condition.
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     Image Skincare Biome – The future of healthy skin

    Welcome to the latest series from Image Skincare-Biome! We are proud to introduce a revolutionary brand for healthy skin. The products combine advanced science with natural ingredients to transform the skin care industry.

    The brand your skin has been waiting for

    Our focus is on restoring and maintaining your skin's natural balance. Image Skincare Biome uses the power of microorganisms to promote healthy skin flora while treating skin problems.

    Why Image Skincare Biome?

    Revolutionary formulas: Our products are based on groundbreaking scientific discoveries and are continually developed to maximize effectiveness.

    Natural ingredients: We use high-quality natural ingredients that nourish and gently care for your skin.

    Microbiome technology: Image Skincare Biome uses the latest knowledge about the skin microbiome to promote the balance of your skin and improve skin problems.

    Ethics and Sustainability: We are committed to ethical and sustainable production practices to protect the environment and your skin.

    Our range includes a variety of products that are tailored to the individual needs of your skin. From cleansing and care products to serums and creams, we offer everything you need for a comprehensive skin care routine.

    Product range: BIOME+ from IMAGE Skincare

    Cleansing Comfort Balm: With this new cleansing balm you not only remove make-up, but also impurities and dirt. It also gives the skin a delicate and pleasant feeling.

    Dew Bright Serum: The hybrid oil serum is used to promote a beautiful glow so that your complexion can shine again. For this purpose, uneven skin tones are evened out and extra moisture is provided.

    Smoothing Cloud Crème: This moisturizing cream will give your skin a new feeling. This hydrates your skin and makes the skin texture smoother again. The cream also reduces the visibility of pores.


    Results may vary depending on skin type and product. However, visible improvements can usually be seen after just a few weeks.

    Yes, we are proud to offer cruelty-free products. We do not test on animals and do not support companies that test on animals.

    Yes, our products are specially formulated so that they can also be used on sensitive skin. We use mild ingredients that will not irritate your skin.

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