The Elementals care series from Med Beauty consists of various products that can be individually incorporated into your personal care and cleaning concept. They are suitable for different skin types, which is why they can be used individually by men and women. The Elementals products consist of important active ingredients and contain biochemical technologies, for example to counteract skin aging or to protect the skin from environmental stress such as free radicals or classic stress.
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    Elementals by Med Beauty: cleansing and concentrates

    The range of the cosmetic line Elementals from Med Beauty contains both cleansing products and high-quality concentrates. The cleaning products ensure gentle but effective removal of decorative cosmetics, residues and free radicals. They are even suitable for sensitive and demanding skin. The products also prepare the skin for subsequent care. The various concentrates can be incorporated into an anti-aging routine as well as used to generally improve the complexion. They always have a calming and strengthening effect. If necessary, they can be used not only daily, but also as an intensive treatment.

    Insight into the product range: Elementals by Med Beauty

    Repairer: The active ingredient complex activates the structure of the tissue and prevents aging of the skin. The skin is also protected from free radicals.

    Clearer: The active ingredient concentrate ensures the normalization of the sebaceous glands and reduces the formation of bacteria. This refines pores and makes the skin more even.

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