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The Image MD series was developed by plastic surgeons as clinical skincare. This is a medical skin care product that effectively improves and even prevents signs of aging. All active ingredients in this Image Skincare line are highly concentrated and use the latest technologies to combat damage to the skin, eliminate free radicals and balance the imbalance of skin cells. The technology mentioned is very advanced and is based on plant stem cell extracts.
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    Coordinated products with high-quality active ingredients: Image MD from Image Skincare

    In total, the Image MD care series from Image Skincare contains four coordinated products. They ensure that your skin becomes firmer and firmer. At the same time, you get a smooth surface again, pigment spots are reduced and visibly reduced, so that an even skin tone returns. The composition of the products is based primarily on fruit acids such as glycol and lactic, but BHA acid and vitamin C are also included. A very special active ingredient is Matrixyl 3000, which reduces responsible for collagen breakdown. This is very interesting because often all that is paid attention to is that new collagen fibers form. However, it is of great importance in the prevention of aging for the skin that the skin's own degradation is reduced and this is exactly what plays a major role in the Image MD series. At the same time, the hyaluronic acid it contains guarantees a constant supply of moisture, so that aging, environmentally damaged skin appears fresher again after a short time.

    The special sun protection with Image MD from Image Skincare

    The light protection of the Image MD care series is particularly noteworthy. This is a very effective element in cosmetics to reduce age-related damage. The light protection offered by Image MD products protects against UVA, UVB and even infrared radiation. However, the products are still very light on the skin, non-greasy and provide moisture.

    Image MD top products from Image Skincare

    Restoring Post-Treatment Collagen Lip Enhancement SPF15: With this complex you can significantly improve the volume of your lips. In addition, age-related signs are reduced and skin irritations that arise after injections are soothed. The additional sun protection protects the sensitive skin around the lips.

    Image MD Trial Kit: The trial kit contains various products that are ideal for on the go or for trying out the line.

    Image MD Skincare System Kit: In this set you get the Restoring Facial Cleanser, the Restoring Youth Serum, the Restoring Youth Repair Crème and the Restoring Daily Defense Moisturizer SPF 50.

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