Thalgo Indoceans

Inner peace, complete serenity and relaxation – just the right thing for body, mind and soul after a long day or a strenuous week. With the Thalgo Indoceane series you can bring oriental enjoyment into your four walls, which you can enjoy with all your senses.
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    Relax, regenerate and calm with Thalgo Indocéane

    With the products from the Thalgo Indoceane application ritual, you can enjoy a completely new feeling both on your skin and in your home in general, because the series not only offers various care products. With a scented candle from the oriental line, your olfactory nerves will also be significantly stimulated. Relaxation, regeneration and calming are the focus of the line and can be used on any skin type. After the treatment, your skin will feel supple, soft and velvety soft. This is due to the high-quality active ingredients, such as QI-Marine, brown algae extract and the holy lotus.

    Bring the scent of the Orient home with the Thalgo Indoceane candle

    Fragrant, spicy aromas fill the air in your home with the Indoceane scented candle. It ensures a balanced ambience and complete peace. The oriental scent calms the senses after a long day and gives you pure relaxation. Whether in the private spa temple during a soothing bath or in the dining room during a cozy dinner - the candle provides harmonious moments in every room for an indescribable sense of well-being. The subtle design and intense red of the feel-good product can also be integrated into any interior without compromise.

    Thalgo Indoceane body care products

    While the scented candle in your private spa temple exudes a pleasant atmosphere, you can pamper your skin with the body care products - whether milk bath or cream.

    Polynesia of Thalgo

    All women and men who would rather dream of traveling to the remote islands of Polynesia can do so with the Polynesia treatment ritual. At Veralice you will find the various care products from the exotic series.

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