Lifting Derma Flavone

The Lifting Derma Flavon care series from Med Beauty is a strengthening anti-aging product that simultaneously protects the skin's natural balance. The care is aimed at the needs of mature skin in order to provide it with an intensive protective layer against the stresses of the environment. The effect of this care series is due to plant hormones. These serve as natural “food” for mature skin and counteract declining hormone production.
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    Products from the Lifting Derma Flavon from Med Beauty range

    Phyto Balm: This balm gives your skin daily protection, strengthening, moisture and regeneration. This means the skin remains permanently elastic and tightened. In addition, the natural skin barrier is supported and the skin's moisture retention system is improved. Signs of premature skin aging are reduced.

    Phyto Cream: With this face cream you can reduce lines and wrinkles. You also provide your skin with moisture. The sophisticated care cream can also be used ideally overnight to achieve an intensive effect. Continuous use strengthens the skin against environmental stress and makes it more resistant to oxidative stress.

    Phyto Eye Cream: This eye cream gives the sensitive skin area freshness, moisture and ensures strong regeneration. The moisture retention of the eye area is improved and it appears more radiant overall.

    Phyto Mask: With this nourishing and refreshing mask your skin gets a moisture boost and cell regeneration is stimulated. At the same time, you benefit from the so-called cooling effect, which makes the skin appear more lively and optimally soothes irritated areas. In addition, your skin is protected from environmental stress.

    Phyto Serum: The serum provides your skin with intensive regeneration by reducing damaging influences from the environment. The serum also prevents excessive pigmentation and reduces wrinkles on the face. The result is a firmer and more even complexion.

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