Lumière Marine

As we age, the skin not only loses its elasticity and firmness. Over time, the skin's natural pigmentation process also changes. This can be triggered by various factors. Your environment, for example, has a major influence, such as pollution, UV radiation and stress. In addition, tobacco consumption can also be very harmful. This causes more and more pigment spots to form. This is exactly where Lumière Marine from Thalgo comes in. The series is aimed at large pores and hyperpigmented skin conditions.
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    Products from the Lumiere Marine Thalgo range

    Brightening Essence: Use this essence to clarify and unify your complexion. In addition, the structure of the skin is smoothed.

    Brightening serum: Whether it's age spots, pigmentation caused by pregnancy and the pill or photosensitization caused by medication and perfumes, with this serum you can effectively combat the appearance counter.

    Brightening Fluid: Lighten age spots, unify your complexion and let your facial expression shine with new luminosity - all with this fluid from Thalgo.

    Brightening cream: With this cream from Thalgo's Lumière Marine series, you can protect your skin from oxidative stress and prevent and combat dark spots. This will give you smoother skin and a more even complexion.

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