Bring back your radiance with the newly formulated Lumin'Èclat line from Maria Galland. The brand developed the line with high-quality, new active ingredients to make your skin glow again. With Lumin'Èclat by Maria Galland you can declare war on a pale, tired complexion, fine lines and visible pores. It enhances the skin's natural radiance, blending the signs that impair the skin's ability to reflect light. In addition, your skin is protected from external stress factors and its ability to reflect light is improved.
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    Product range: Lumin'Èclat by Maria Galland

    540 Lumin'Èclat Enhancing Serum: The serum envelops your skin and makes it shine with a radiant shimmer. Particularly suitable for skin that is exposed to an intensive lifestyle.

    550 Lumin'Èclat Eye Contour Duo: The complementary care duo reduces the signs of fatigue and makes your eye area shine again.

    581 Lumin'Èclat Ultimate Perfecting Mask: With this mask you give your skin an instant radiance boost. Particularly ideal for all skin types that maintain an intensive lifestyle.

    560 Lumin'Èclat Beautifying Cream: The daily, soothing cream gives you more even skin with a smoothed surface. Ideal for anyone with a dynamic lifestyle.

    561 Lumin'Èclat Perfecting Cream: Give your skin an instant glow with this daily care. Use this cream especially if you expose your skin to a dynamic lifestyle.

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