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Men's skin is stressed every day by specific actions and stresses in everyday life. This includes, among other things, shaving, but external environmental factors also contribute to the skin losing freshness, suppleness and firmness. Appropriate care for stressed men's skin can be found in the Thalgo Men range. The Force Marine series was developed in the Thalgo laboratories and contains 7 different products that are suitable for daily care. They impress with their high effectiveness and easy handling.
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    Product range: Thalgo Men

    Thalgo Men Cleansing Gel: This foaming cleansing gel intensively removes dirt and excess sebum from your skin. The result is a refreshed and lively complexion.

    Thalgo Men Aftershave Balm: With this balm you get a stimulating and regenerating product that is ideal for applying after shaving. It ensures that your skin recovers.

    Thalgo Men Intensive Moisturizing Cream: The moisturizing cream is fresh and non-greasy. It moisturizes your skin and restores the skin's natural elasticity. It also calms and regenerates.

    Thalgo Men Anti-Wrinkle Care: With this anti-wrinkle care you give your skin an energizing and revitalizing power formulation. Your skin will regain its elasticity and wrinkles will be deeply smoothed.

    Thalgo Men Invigorating Eye Serum: The refreshing and clear eye serum makes tired skin shine again. Swollen areas are tightened and purified. Sensitive skin areas, on the other hand, are soothed and strengthened.

    Thalgo Men Fresh Shower: With the Fresh Shower you get a nourishing and gentle 2-in-1 product that is ideal for traveling. It cleanses skin and hair and invigorates body and mind.

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