Mer des Indes

The “Mer des Indes” line from Thalgo is inspired by Ayurvedic healing. The balancing spa cosmetics are based on Marma science and bring body and soul back into harmony. The products contain a very special active ingredient: an Indian red algae in combination with traditionally balancing essential oils. Pamper yourself and your skin!
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    Pampering spa cosmetics from Thalgo

    Selected active ingredients such as Indian red algae together with essential oils care for your skin and allow you to immerse yourself in distant worlds. This product line was inspired by Ayurvedic healing art. Ayurveda is a holistic natural medicine that has been practiced in India for several thousand years. It is understood as the "science of life" and is also used in chronic diseases such as sleep disorders, allergies and mental illnesses.

    Discover the Mer des Indes products

    Aroma shower oil: Pampers your skin and your senses while showering

    Ginger peeling: High-quality peeling with invigorating ginger

    Relaxing massage oil: Nourishing and relaxing oil for massage

    Precious milk bath: For a unique bathing experience and soft skin

    Soothing herbal tea: A real treat before or after your spa ritual

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