Have you been wanting a range of care products to help your skin feel better again? Then use Nutri’Vital from Maria Galland to specifically address the needs of your dry skin. Developed around the legendary Cream No. 5, Maria Galland has created a series that restores well-being and suppleness to your skin and regenerates the skin barrier. The products nourish and revitalize your skin with multi-faceted and soothing textures.
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    Product range: Nutri’Vital by Maria Galland

    5 Crème Riche: With this nourishing and revitalizing cream you give your skin everything it needs at the best time. Because cell regeneration reaches its peak at night.

    460 Crème: The nourishing and revitalizing day cream envelops your skin and pampers it with a rich, velvety texture.

    440 Sérum-en-Huile: With the nourishing and revitalizing oil serum you give your skin a dry, silky finish for maximum well-being.

    450 Crème Contour des Yeux: Thanks to this nourishing and revitalizing eye care, you specifically address the needs of this sensitive area of ​​the face.

    480 Masque: With this targeted deep care you get a nourishing and revitalizing mask that will ensure better well-being after just a few minutes of exposure.

    5B Crème Riche Intense: This cream is very rich and an alternative to the iconic night cream 5. You can use this as a nourishing intensive treatment.

    5A Crème Légère: Do you like things lighter, but no less nourishing and revitalizing? Then this fine and delicate cream is just right for you.

    469 Crème Expert Anti-Sécheresse: With this cream you get SOS care for dry skin areas. The delicately melting texture is ideal for relieving advanced skin dryness.

    5C Sérum: Intensify the effect of the day and night cream by using this serum. The melting and delicate texture covers your face like a second skin!

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