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With the new series from Image Skincare you can ensure that your skin looks healthier and fresher again. O2 Lift from Image Skincare uses an invigorating and gentle technique. Healthy and fresh cells are released beneath the old skin layers with the help of oxygen, plant stem cells, peptides and particularly concentrated, enzymatic active ingredients of plant nature. O2 Lift from Image Skincare gives you a true wellness experience and also gives you immediate results. With this special anti-aging treatment you can ensure that your skin looks healthier and shines again.
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    Product range: O2 Lift from Image Skincare

    Gel to Milk Cleanser: The facial cleanser gently removes both make-up and impurities. In addition, the aging process of the skin is slowed down and it regains its natural, beautiful glow.

    Enzymatic Facial Peel: With this exfoliator you ensure that dead skin cells are gently removed. It also provides your skin with moisture and accelerates the production of collagen.

    Oxygenating Facial Mask: This foam mask is ideal for oxygenating all skin types. Your skin will become more supple again and circulation will improve.

    Treatment Kit: If necessary, you can also get these products in the practical treatment kit. In combination, they ensure immediate results and therefore a radiant appearance.

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