The IMAGE Skincare Ormedic care series is a fusion of pure organic ingredients. These have been proven to be highly effective in soothing stressed, dry and tired skin. That's why Ormedic from IMAGE Skincare is committed to skin health, so the various products are enriched not only with organic ingredients, but also antioxidants and plant active ingredients. In addition, all items in this line are free of chemicals, acids and parabens. The products ensure that skin health is kept in balance.
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    Products from the Ormedic IMAGE Skincare range

    Balancing Facial Cleanser: The mild and refreshing gel removes impurities and makes your skin soft again.

    Balancing Anti-Oxidant Serum: Take intensive action against skin damage with the serum that you can use daily.

    Balancing Bio-Peptide Crème: This night cream not only plumps up the skin, it also supplies it with hyaluronic acid and plant oils.

    Balanacing Eye Lift Gel: The eye gel is refreshing and provides new moisture to the dry skin in this sensitive area.

    Balancing Gel Masque: With this balancing mask you soothe your skin and refresh it at the same time, so that tired, dry skin regains its strength.

    Balancing Lip Enhancement Complex: The product for the lips is soothing, improves volume and appearance and increases the moisture content.

    Balancing Gel Polisher : This exfoliating gel is suitable for daily care and leaves the skin feeling soft and well cared for.

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