Prodige of the Ocean

With the “Prodige des Oceans” care line, Thalgo has brought the know-how of 50 years of knowledge and research to the point. As the epitome of maritime intelligence, the beauty products in the cosmetic series with 61 essential maritime active ingredients help with skin regeneration and revitalization.
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    Thalgo: Prodige des Oceans helps achieve perfect skin

    Each product in the care series Prodige des Océans from Thalgo supports the reactivation or improvement of the four factors that are important for perfect skin .

    • It contributes to a finer complexion,

    • a smooth surface,

    • more vitality and

    • new luminosity.

    With this care series you can bring the unique powers of the sea into your beauty and anti-aging range for low-moisture, ripe or to pamper stressed skin with a youthful look, luxurious texture, new elasticity and a refined ensemble.

    Prodige of the ocean for your face

    The Elixir helps boost your skin's metabolism and ensures a refreshed, smooth and authentic complexion Radiance and significantly more vitality.

    The Prodige of the Ocean Cream improves the contours of your face through regenerative abilities, smoothes the skin and reduces wrinkles for a youthful look.

    The mask refreshes your complexion, tightens and firms the surface, pure oxygen flows into the pores, to create a clarified skin structure.

    Body care with Prodige des Oceans

    The Prodige des Oceans repertoire doesn't just provide care for the face. Give your body a youthful silhouette and new firmness with the figure-enhancing body cream . A pleasant floral and sea scent is complemented by a delicately melting formulation that provides extra moisture. This means your skin will quickly feel comfortable again!

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