The new SENSI’REPAIR product series from Maria Galland is ideal for permanently strengthening and protecting your skin. The care line contains creams and serums with innovative textures and a subtle signature scent. This allows your skin to calm down and relax every day, while also being additionally protected and cared for. Products from Maria Galland's SENSI'REPAIR series impress with their soothing, moisturizing and nourishing properties.
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    Product range: SENSI’REPAIR by Maria Galland

    140 Sérum SENSI‘REPAIR: The serum immediately reduces feelings of tension and forms a protective shield on your skin. Thanks to the silky texture, it feels pleasantly light.

    160 Crème SENSI‘REPAIR: The cream gives your skin new moisture, nourishes it and soothes it to give it a pleasant feeling of well-being. The texture also ensures that your skin becomes supple and soft again.

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