Skinetin Moss CNH

The Skinetin moss CNH care range comes from the Med Beauty Swiss brand range from Dr. Gerny. This is a line that has an activating anti-aging effect with a detox effect on the cell nucleus. This makes it possible to regenerate the skin and delay aging. Med Beauty Swiss has been responsible for holistic medical cosmetics since 1991 and, in addition to effective care products, also offers high-quality treatments with dermatological know-how.
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    Innovation: Skinetin moss CNH contains MossCellTec No.1

    The products in the Skinetin moss CNH series are based on an innovative plant-based active ingredient. This is called MossCellTec No.1. It is the first cosmetic active ingredient based on the cell cultures of the moss plant . The advantage of this active ingredient is its adaptability. This is particularly helpful as environmental conditions change. This means Skinetin moss CNH is able to improve the health of the skin cell nucleus and stop skin aging. At the same time, the skin has a detox effect, which means that harmful substances are broken down more quickly. If there are already wrinkles, lines and skin damage, the products counteract these. No matter how they were created. In the future, the skin will be able to adapt much better to climatic and urban influences, loads and stress factors.

    Skinetin moss CNH: An insight into the product range

    Day Cream: With this anti-aging day cream you help the regeneration of the skin cell nucleus and provide effective protection against environmental stress.

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