Ultimate Boost

The Maria Galland brand is known for continually setting new scientific standards in the cosmetics sector. The beauty label has managed to do this again with the Maria Galland Ultim’Boost series. The 6 boosters are characterized by their special effect, as this takes place in real time. In addition, each booster is individually tailored to different skin needs, so that the right product is available for both impure skin and mature skin conditions. Another advantage of this Maria Galland Ultim’Boost range is the fact that it optimally prepares the skin for other care products. This means that creams, serums or the like are much easier to absorb afterwards.
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    Products from the Maria Galland Ultim'Boost range

    Ultim'Boost 001 Hydration: With this 2-in-1 moisture booster you can immediately penetrate your skin with moisture so that it quickly appears pleasantly smooth.

    Ultim’Boost 002 Pureté: The 2-in-1 booster complex is ideal for impure skin. Here the product deeply clarifies and refines the pores for an even and matt complexion.

    Ultim’Boost 003 Régénération: Is your skin thirsty for regeneration? Then this booster is just right for you. Your skin receives an intensive care effect so that it quickly feels comfortable, soft and cared for again.

    Ultim'Boost 004 Éclat: New energy to the point - that's what the 2-in-1 energy booster complex from Maria Galland ensures. It makes your skin shine again by energizing it.

    Ultim’Boost 006 Uniformité: Refine your skin and create a flawless complexion with this booster. A regular skin structure will now greet you in the mirror.

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