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The Med Beauty Swiss VIP Power care range consists of 8 different serums that pamper your skin with a high supply of vitamins and minerals. You will find a perfect serum in the range for every skin type, but if necessary, the products can also be easily combined with each other to achieve even better results.
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    Med Beauty Swiss VIP Power: which serum for which skin type

    All serums from the Med Beauty VIP Power series from Dr. Gerny have an effect directly on the skin. This is due to the so-called Nano Solve technology. Below you will find out which VIP Power serum from Med Beauty Swiss is suitable for which skin type.

    This gives you a brief overview of the different VIP Power Serums and you can decide which one you need based on your skin's needs.

    VIP Power from Med Beauty Swiss with versatile effects

    The skin is our largest organ, which is why proper care with type-appropriate products is very important in order to provide relief and cells with long-term vitality. Med Beauty Swiss knows this and therefore formulates care products that always focus on your skin health . For this reason, every VIP Power serum from Med Beauty impresses with the following properties.

    The VIP Power serums from Med Beauty stimulate the generation of new cells in the skin, so that the relief remains young and fresh and the complexion radiates from within.

    Precious ingredients stimulate cell division and, with the unique Med Beauty Swiss VIP Power, create a healthy and refreshed radiance.

    The powerful Med Beauty Swiss VIP Power care is enriched with numerous plant-based vitamins and active ingredients, so that the products are all skin-friendly and very compatible are.

    With the oil and water-soluble formulation of the Med Beauty VIP Power Serums, the skin is supplied with important nutrients and moisturized. Since each serum in the Med Beauty Swiss VIP Power line is suitable for a different skin type, the products also have specific properties that provide beneficial care for the respective skin condition.

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