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With the new afa series from Med Beauty Swiss, a replacement for the previous anti-aging line Amino Care will gradually be added to the brand's range in the future. The products in the new series – just like the Amino Care Cleansers, masks, etc. – will be enriched with amino acids and sea salt minerals. But you will achieve even better and more visible results with it. afa from Med Beauty Swiss impresses with an exfoliating cleanser, a soothing toner, an effective cleansing mask and various clarifying peels to improve the complexion.
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    Image Skincare Vital C ensures quick results

    The Image Skincare Vital C care series stands out from other lines because it is particularly suitable for sensitive skin . When using the series, customers with red veins will quickly notice that they see immediate results after multiple applications. Particularly noteworthy is the Hydrating Facial Oil of the Image Skincare Vital C care range. This is a completely new way of administering vitamin C. The light and ultra-moisturizing oil is applied overnight and gives the skin vitamin C while you sleep, which comes from sea buckthorn and grape seeds, among other things.

    Top products from Image Skincare Vital C

    Hydrating Water Burst: The gel texture transforms into water drops during a massage. In addition, the active ingredients are released through massaging. While the synthesis of collagen is supported, the formation of melanin is prevented.

    Hydrating Overnight Masque: The skin receives vital nutrients overnight. The luxurious cream reduces wrinkles and makes the skin softer again. The skin tone is also improved.

    Hydrating Antioxidant Serum: On the one hand, the serum supports the formation of collagen and on the other hand it removes signs of skin aging. In addition, the skin is protected and nourished.

    Hydrating Facial Cleanser: With this Vital C product you cleanse your skin on a gentle and pharmaceutical basis. Make-up and impurities are easily removed.

    Hydrating Eye Recovery Gel: The moisturizing eye gel with anti-aging properties provides the sensitive eye area with extra moisture and nourishing antioxidants. Fine lines and dark shadows are reduced.

    Hydrating Hand and Body Lotion: With this lotion for body and hands you revitalize your skin and give it maximum hydration. In addition, the skin's firmness is strengthened and the production of collagen is stimulated.

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