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Eye Instant Stress Relieving Mask

Content: 1 mask / 5 masks
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The Eye Instant Stress Relieving Mask from Valmont is a smoothing, plumping and intensive eye mask against all signs of fatigue in the eye region.

The special feature of the Eye Instant Stress Relieving Mask is that it is soaked in the active ingredients immediately before use and then an effect is achieved immediately.

  • The eye area is immediately freed of wrinkles after using the eye care product. Signs of fatigue such as puffiness and dark circles around the eyes are visibly reduced.
  • The Eye Instant Stress Relieving Mask from Valmont is suitable for every customer who wants to treat puffiness and dark circles under the eyes or who has a problem there. It is generally advisable to use such an eye mask once a week.

Through a triple algae biomatrix, a 100 percent algae extract with minerals such as magnesium, sodium and calcium, optimal moisture is released to the skin during the exposure time of Valmont's Eye Instant Stress Relieving Mask. This also acts as a smoothing active ingredient. A hydrolyzed mucopolysaccharide strengthens the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Caffeine, arnica and green tea have a decongestant effect. These have the effect of having a draining effect and therefore the effect occurs immediately.

The Eye Instant Stress Relieving Mask should be used once a week. For larger problems, you should try the pads as a treatment and apply them every 4 days. Try this regimen for a period of three weeks to allow the eye area to rebuild.

The mask is soaked in the packaging. For this reason, you should not tear open the pack immediately, but open it slightly with your thumbs and watch as the complex penetrates into the liquid. You can then remove and apply the patch.
Place the soaked patch underneath the eye area.
Allow the mask to penetrate the skin for 15 to 20 minutes.

During treatment with Valmont's Eye Instant Stress Relieving Mask, you will probably feel an intense tingling sensation on your skin. This is not a sign of intolerance, but rather it is the minerals and active substances that transport the active ingredients deep into the skin. According to our experts from VERALICE skin advice, you can feel that a lot more is happening here than with a normal mask. When you remove the Valmont eye mask, you will notice that the skin already looks very relaxed and the effect lasts for an unusually long time.

Tripple algae biomatrix (100 percent algae extract), magnesium, calcium, sodium, hydrolyzed mucopolysaccharides, caffeine, arnica, green tea