Gly Skin

With the Med Beauty Swiss Gly Skin series you can make your skin shine again. Based on the so-called Glycocitro complex, the products counteract annoying wrinkles, light-induced pigment spots and over-keratinized or coarse-grained skin. The skin structure is visibly improved and impresses with a smoother, plumper and more elastic relief.
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    The Secret of Gly Skin from Med Beauty

    The optimal effectiveness of the Med Beauty Swiss Gly Skin products is thanks to the refined fruit acid, which is also where the idea for the efficient Glycocitro complex came from.

    Aim of the care line: The products are intended to stimulate skin regeneration to form new cells and promote the production of collagen fibers.

    Result: Regular use of Gly Skin from Med Beauty Swiss will give you a more even, finer and smoother complexion.

    Effects and application recommendations for the Med Beauty Swiss Gly Skin products

    Due to the concentrated formulation, you should observe the following application recommendations.

    The gentle Gly Skin Gentle Cleanser is soap-free and perfect for deep pore cleansing. With the ideal pH value, the cleansing gel gently prepares the skin for the subsequent care and/or cosmetic products.

    The effective Gly Skin Mask helps clear impure skin. Since the effect lasts up to 24 hours, it is recommended to apply the mask in the evening.

    The moisturizing Gly Skin Tonic reactivates the skin's natural balance. The Med Beauty Swiss Gly Skin product is perfect for gentle after-cleansing.

    Combinable Gly Skin products from Med Beauty

    With the Gly Skin Lotion you can add active night care to your beauty range. It works optimally on ingrown facial and body hair as well as late acne. Getting used to the Med Beauty Swiss Gly Skin product slowly is recommended due to the refined fruit acid.

    Other popular care series in addition to Gly Skin from Med Beauty Swiss:

    Skinetin: You can achieve a smoother and refreshed skin texture with the regenerating and nourishing anti-aging products from the Skinetin series. They treat the skin with a detox effect.

    Gly Clean: With this line you can give impure and oily skin reliable solutions to normalize stressed or derailed skin areas.

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